Director’s Message

Welcome to the Connect Global Youth Association website. You will be able to get answers to many questions about who we are, what we do and how you can benefit from our existence on this website. Below is a promo video from our annual flagship conference, Connect Model United Nations, to set the mood and tone for what we’re all about.

What is CGYA?

The Connect Global Youth Association is an organization that aims to foster the leadership potential of secondary school students with innovative initiatives relating to global social, political, and economic issues. Connect Model United Nations, an annual 3-day conference, is the flagship event of CGYA.

How can CGYA help me today and in the future?

Initiatives started by the CGYA can have numerous benefits for both students, sponsor teachers and staff. For instance, if you are a delegate preparing for a Model United Nations conference, we have put together a significant collection of resources for first time delegates and veterans looking to get an edge and take the next step on their MUN careers. We call this resource “Project Connect” and you can find sample position papers, draft resolutions, guides and strategies to get through a Model UN (MUN) successfully. Sponsor teachers and can find a step-by-step guide to creating a MUN club at their school and get in contact with one of our ambassadors that will help them with the club at every step of the way. Soon, Project Connect will also guides to chairing and directing committee sessions.

In the long run, CGYA hopes to plant the seeds of global citizenship in students. We passionately hope that getting involved in politically-charged activities such as Model UN will increase awareness amongst all of us. Furthermore, we hope to instil the core values of CGYA into all that pass through our doors.