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By Ruth Kassinger

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A witty and fascinating historical past of the 1st botanists, interwoven with tales of today's notable vegetation present in the backyard and the lab
In Paradise lower than Glass, Ruth Kassinger recounts with grace and humor her trip from brown thumb to eco-friendly, sharing the teachings that she realized from development a house conservatory within the wake of a devastating own crisis.
In A backyard of Marvels, she extends the tale. "This booklet used to be born of a homicide, a homicide I committed," she starts off. The sufferer was once a kumquat tree. although she diligently did her best--watering, fertilizing, repotting, and pruning--the plant grew to become brown and brittle. Why did the kumquat die while different crops within the backyard that obtained a similar realization thrived? she questioned. It was once an adventure that provided necessary insight.
While she knew the elemental principles of taking care of indoor vegetation, Kassinger learned that she understood little or no approximately plant physiology--how roots, stems, leaves, and plant life really functionality. decided to not repeat her failure, she got down to study the basics of botany which will develop into a greater gardener. A backyard of Marvels is the tale of her clever and enthralling odyssey to find the key lifetime of plants.
Kassinger retraces the development of the 1st botanists--including a depression Italian anatomist, a renegade French health care professional, a stuttering English minister, an obsessive German schoolteacher, and Charles Darwin--who banished myths and misunderstandings and found that flora have intercourse, leaves devour air, roots decide upon their nutrition, and hormones make morning glories climb fence posts. She is going out into the realm besides, vacationing sleek gardens, farms, and labs to find the technological know-how in the back of notable vegetation like one-ton pumpkins, really black petunias, ferns that devour the arsenic in infected soil, biofuel grass that grows twelve toes tall, and the world's in simple terms photosynthesizing animal. Kassinger additionally introduces us to trendy medical learn that gives desire for combatting weather swap and assuaging international hunger.
She then transfers her insights to her personal backyard, the place she nurtures a "cocktail" tree that bears 5 forms of fruit, therapies an ill Buddha's Hand plant with precious fungi, and will get a tree to textual content her while it's thirsty. Intertwining own anecdotes, obtainable technology, and little-known historical past, A backyard of Marvels takes us on an eye-opening trip into Kassinger's garden--and yours--offering us a brand new appreciation of this beautiful present of nature: "Our backyard is greater than a surprise. It's as as regards to a miracle as there's on Earth."

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