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By Dietz P.H.

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On some pots, the resistances change linearly with angle. On others, the resistances change logarithmically. These later ones are used to control volume levels, and are audio tapered, as opposed linear tapered. When buying potentiometers, make sure you get the right type - both are very common! (Hearing, like most human senses, is inherently logarithmic. For example, the just noticeable increases in volume from a given level increase proportionally with the A Pragmatic Introduction to the Art of Electrical Engineering 45 Guess the Number volume level.

Resistors in series add. We can plug this current back into Ohm’s Law for each resistor to find the voltage across them. For R1: R1 V R1 = I R1 = V -------------------R1 + R2 Similarly, for R2 we get R2 V R2 = I R2 = V -------------------R1 + R2 As expected, V is divided between the two resistors. You should note that the bigger resistor will have the larger voltage drop. ) If the two resistors were the same size, you would get the same voltage drop (half the supply voltage) across each of them.

Note: You will probably be able to reuse a great deal of your wiring from the previous chapter! 0 - ©1998 Paul Henry Dietz - All rights reserved. 21 Maybe What You Need to Know In order to solve this problem, here are a few things you need to know: • • • • • What is a voltage divider? How do I solve more complex resistive circuits? Are there any tricks that can make this easier? What is an independent source and what is superposition? What is a digital to analog convertor? What is a Voltage Divider?

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