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By Karma Chagme

ISBN-10: 1559390719

ISBN-13: 9781559390712

This handbook of Tibetan meditation easily and carefully provides the profound Dzogchen and Mahamudra structures of perform.

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We make great demands on our eyes in both work and recreation, particularly with all the time we spend at our computers and electronic devices. Rarely do we think about our eyes unless they become a problem to us; however, eyes, like other parts of the body, can be relaxed and freed from rigid patterns. Viable methods for training and improving vision were developed and used in yoga and later rediscovered in other systems. Here we include some exercises that will help your eyes to relax and see better in preparation for the next series of exercises.

This may be so, but something is in your control. Think of it in another way: You may not have chosen your life circumstance, but you always have a choice with regard to how to react to your life circumstance. Experiment now by taking a more positive, hopeful attitude to it, no matter how bad it seems to be. Instead, consider the situation as a challenge to rise to. Using the Dos and Don’ts (Yamas and Niyamas) for Cognitive Reframing and Healthy Habits 35 Santosha Meditation Next time you are facing something you resent but have to endure, such as being at a standstill in heavy traffic or feeling angry with someone close to you, try thinking of something to appreciate, and learn from the situation.

Notice everything you can about it: shape, color, texture, size, how the light affects it, and anything else that you see. Keep your attention on this object. If your mind wanders to something else, bring it back. After a few minutes, move on to the next exercise. Inner Attention Exercise The skills you developed in sensing can also help you focus your attention inwardly. The exercise that follows helps you connect the outer world of experience to the inner world of experience. This exercise involves focus of inner attention.

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