A Stroll Through the Worlds of Animals and Men: A Picture by Jakob von Uexküll PDF

By Jakob von Uexküll

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G. WWF: Schwarzenbach (2011)). Primatologists often cite ethical arguments as their personal reason for becoming involved in conservation. Such arguments are often rooted in the belief that all life has equal inherent value and the loss of any species due to human actions represents a failing of our moral obligation to protect species from human-induced extinction (Naess 1986; Hargrove 1989).  2008). Many arguments made in support of primate conservation begin with the tacit assumption that primates are more special, and more deserving of protection, than other taxa.

The Evolution of Primate Societies. Chicago, Il: University of Chicago Press. Mitchell, A. H. and Tilson R. L. (1986). Restoring the balance: traditional hunting and primate conservation in the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia. In: Else, J. and Lee, P. (Eds), Primate Ecology and Conservation. pp. 249–260. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Mukherjee, R. , Mukherjee G. , and Bhuinya, S. (1986) Population trends of Hanuman langurs in agricultural areas of Midnapur District, West Bengal, India. Primate Conservation 7: 53–54.

In this chapter we summarize several justifications for conserving primates. Our goal is to compile general information that will help primate conservationists make strong cases for the need to engage in specific conservation actions aimed at protecting particular primate populations in particular places. Not all arguments will work in all instances, of course, and there is no substitute for a well-considered, creative, and site-specific justification to support a particular policy. Nevertheless, some of the general points considered here may bolster specific arguments.

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