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Encouraged by means of physicist and environmental chief Dr. Vandana Shiva, this number of essays draw at the knowledge of old and smooth traditions to remind readers of the profound sacredness of the seed—how in its purity, it's the resource and renewal of all of existence. for hundreds of years the planting of the seed within the earth not just nourished humanity, but in addition symbolized the secret of lifestyles and the adventure of the soul.

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Venation reticulate. moreover these important features are maintained 2. Flowers pentamerous. in nature through innumerable generations. The above categories are further sub-divided Sub-Class I. Polypetalae 1. Petals free. whenever needed. This sub-classification includesSeries I. Thalami'florae sub-kingdom, sub-division, sub-class, sub-order 1. Thalamus dome-shaped. (ending in illeae), sub-family (ending in oideae), 2. Flowers hypogynous and ovary superior. sub-genus and sub-species or variety.

7. Obovate. , Cassia obtllsifolia leaflet (Fig. 16). 8. Spathulate. , Calendula, Mants japoniclls (Fig. 16). 9. Oblique. , Leaflets of Margosa (Fig. 16). 10. Oblong. , Banana (Fig. 16). 11. Reniform. , Centella asiatica (Fig. 16). 12. Cordate. , Betel (Fig. 16). [ 23 The Method of Studying Angiospennic Plant linear Ian ceo late ovate oblanceolate reniform spathulate Iyrate oblique acicular cordate sagittate hastate oblong falcate loarate runcinate deltoid rhomnbate Fig. 16. Leaf shapes. 13. Sagittate.

Rough. , Petrea. 3. Glutinous. , Tobacco. 4.. Glaucous. , Clint I' . O>. ; ""'~~~"'" ~~~"-'< :::(y/-, --~~~ Fig. 19. Kinds of haIrs (surface view at left, sectlOnal view at rigtht). A. Puberulous; B. Tomentose; C. Villous; D. Velutmous; E. Wooly; F. Pilose; G. Scabrous; H. Hispid; I. Stellate; J. HIrsute; K. Stngose; 1,. Sericeous. 5. Spiny. , Argemone. 6. Hairy. A surface covered with hairs. (a) Pubescent. Covered with soft, short, straight hairs. (b) Puberulous. Minutely pubescent (Fig. 19A).

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