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By Julius Stieglitz

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And Smith, B. , Pub. , 61, 1614-20 (Nov. 8, 1946); Reprint 2754. (6) Fitzhugh, O. , Ind. Eng. , 40, 704 (1948). (7) Hall, S. , 40, 694 (1948). (8) Horton, R. , Karel, L . , and Chadwick, L . , Science, 107 (No. 2775), 246-7 (1948). (9) Jones, H . , 7 (No. I), 231 (1948). (10) McNamara, B. , and Krop, Stephen, J. , 92, 147-52 (1948). (11) McNamara, B. , 88, 27-33 (1946). (12) Neal, P. , Sweeney, T. , Spicer, S. , and von Oettingen, W. , Pub. , 61, (No. 12), 403-9 (March 22, 1946); Reprint 2698.

16, 1949. , and Litchfield, J. , J. Pharm. Exptl. , 96, 99 (1949). Pharmacology and Toxicology of Some Important Economic Poisons C. H. , and School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, Calif. Some of the more important pharmacologic and toxicologic principles that have been highlighted by government, commercial, and university laboratories are outlined. Cooperative research by chemists and toxicologists is needed, directed toward the development of economic poisons possessing a greater margin of safety for man and animals.

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