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As a result, the temporal symmetry of the theory is broken. Irreversibility appears as a result of the scission of the unitary group describing the evolution into two dissipative, nonunitary semigroups. 7) Prigogine states quite rightly: ‘‘An extension of dynamics? This appears as a very strong statement, that can easily be misunderstood. There is no question here about adding new terms to the equations of dynamics. . ’’ ‘‘. . There is no question of adding new terms that would break the symmetry of the equations, like Epicurus’ clinamen.

4. I. Prigogine, Etude Thermodynamique des Phe´nome`nes Irre´versibles, (Thermodynamic Study of Irreversible Phenomena) (The`se d’agre´gation de l’Enseignement supe´rieur, Universite´ Libre de Bruxelles), Dunod, Paris et Desoer, Lie`ge. 5. P. Mazur et I. Prigogine, Contribution a` la thermodynamique de la matie`re dans un champ e´lectromagne´tique (Contribution to thermodynamics of matter in an electromagnetic field), Me´moires Acad. Roy. , Cl. Sciences, 28. 6. I. Prigogine, Introduction to Thermodynamics of Irreversible Processes, Charles C Thomas Publishers, Springfield, IL, 1955.

Ilya prigogine: his life, his work 19 authors developed a theory leading to a ‘‘causal irreversible dynamics’’ and to a definition of entropy. When the Indian physicist Bandyanath Misra arrived in Brussels, the final touch was achieved for this construct. For this reason, in order to avoid repetitions, I prefer to discuss here only this final form of the theory. The new formulation, which approached the problem from a totally different point of view, appears in a series of papers, from which we extract mainly: B.

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