M L Anson; J T Edsall's Advances in Protein Chemistry, 8 PDF

By M L Anson; J T Edsall

ISBN-10: 0080581811

ISBN-13: 9780080581811

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The different solvents that have been employed are discussed by Callow and Work (108). One of the best solvent systems appears t o be phenol saturated with water against water saturated with phenol. c. Properties. The three licheniformin hydrochlorides are amorphous white powders, slightly hygroscopic, without defined melting points. Paper chromatography with a collidine lutidine ammonia solvent shows that each licheniformin behaves as a single substance. ; in water) The ultraviolet absorption spectra show a n extinction coefficient, which rapidly increases for wavelengths lower than 2600 A.

Later, other red-orange, bacteriostatic substances were isolated from other species of Actinomyces ( A . ) (352,376,593,606,611) and were considered to be identical with actinomycin A. I n 1949, Brockmann et al. chrysomallus, another actinomycin, designated as actinomycin C. Like actinomycin A, it is a red-orange antibiotic, but it differs b y several properties, including the fact that it contains D-alloisoleucine. a. Preparation and Properties of Actinomycin A. According t o Waksman and Tishler (612), actinomycin A is obtained in the following manner.

Casei and S . faecalis; antianemic factor in chickens; liberates vitamin B, under conjugase action; growth factor for Tetrahymena geleii W. 1945 Fermentation L. casei Fermentation factor products of Corynebacterium Vitamin B, conjugate Yeast Pteroylheptaglutamic acid M m E0 * m P 1: U 1943 (460) 1943 (552) 1943 (304) 0 r r T1 F0 M 0 c3 (462) TABLEI‘ Naturally Occurring Peptides of the Folinic Acid Farnily Name Origin Citrovorum factor CF Liver Urine Folinic acid Liver Conjugated forms of Liver folinic acid Yeast CF conjugate Peptide of p-aminobenzoic acid Yeast Spinach Liver Yeast Chemical composition Characteristic biological properties Closely related t o 5-formyl-5,6,7,8-tetra- Growth factor for Leuconostoc citrovorum and, less so, for L.

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