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This ebook bargains with a number of subject matters in algebra worthwhile for computing device technological know-how purposes and the symbolic remedy of algebraic difficulties, mentioning and discussing their algorithmic nature. the subjects lined variety from classical effects similar to the Euclidean set of rules, the chinese language the rest theorem, and polynomial interpolation, to p-adic expansions of rational and algebraic numbers and rational services, to arrive the matter of the polynomial factorisation, in particular through Berlekamp’s process, and the discrete Fourier rework. uncomplicated algebra options are revised in a sort fitted to implementation on a working laptop or computer algebra approach.

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P − 1 in base p? 2. Which is the base 10 expansion of −327? 3. 234. . 202 = − 61 . 80 4. p − 1? 50 2 p-adic series expansions 5. 2 (p − 1) 3 (p − 2) . . (k + 1) (p − k) . .? 6. Which is the necessary and sufficient condition for a p-adic expansion to represent zero? 7. Prove that c0 + c1 p + · · · + cn−1 pn−1 = pn − 1 if and only if all ci s are equal to p − 1. 8. What does it mean for a coefficient in a p-adic expansion to be zero? 9. 1412021310. 2 Expansions of algebraic numbers An algebraic number is a root of a polynomial with rational coefficients.

In other words, to come back to our safe, if the n pairs (xi , p(xi )) are given to n people, one pair each, in order to be able to open the safe at least k people have to be together. The same problem can be studied using modular arithmetic. Given an integer D, let p be a prime number greater than both D and n. Choose randomly the coefficients a1 , a2 , . . , ak−1 of p(x) among 0, 1, . . , p − 1, as well as the n values xi , with the only constraint xi = 0. The numbers p(xi ) are computed modulo p.

A1 · · · ak c0 c1 . . a1 · · · ak . 00 . . 0c0 c1 . . c1 c2 . . cd−1 . By the above, the right-hand side is a rational number, so the left-hand one is too. From this follows that x is rational. Conversely, if x is a rational number whose denominator is coprime with p, multiplying x by a suitable power of p and adding or subtracting an integer, we obtain a negative rational number. ♦ Remarks. 1. It follows that the period of a rational number a/b is 1 if and only if the order of p mod b is 1, that is, if and only if p ≡ 1 mod b.

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