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Then E: X- A is a strong if and only if for everyone of the functors " " Proof. Consider the complex X. 5. Xi is (;;s·projective if and only if Tn (Xi) is projective for every n € Z. This yields the conclusion. We thus find that the so·called "double resolutions" of a complex considered in [4. Chapter XVII] are precisely the strongly projective resolutions. 4. Subcategories of Let Cf be an abelian category. Given - 00 cCf $ p and q $ 00 we consider the full subcategory Cq(j p of C(f determined by the complexes A with An n < p and for n > q.

And B; are &projective. • ~,J We shall show that Bis in & A where B is the extreme right column of W. Indeed, let P be any &·projective object in (f. Consider the functor T=:DCP,). We must show that HT(B) =0. Since W/B~U it suffices to show = 0 and HTCU) = O. Since each column of U is in & we have HT = 0 on each column of U. Thus by a standard filtration argument HTCU) = O. Since X is in & and each row of V is split exact, it follows that HT is Zero on each row of W. Thus again HTCW} = O. 3). that HT(W) Now let T: :B.

This yields the desired conclusion. 3. Projective classes h;l c(1 Let {i; be a projective class in an abelian category a. 1, we find two natural choices for the sets M and N. The first one is M = Z and N = O. This yields the projective class c{i; = {i;2,0 = n C~I {i;, n € Z, n in c(1. The second choice is M = N = Z. This yields the projective class C& = &2,2 nn (C-n I & = n Z-I&), n n € Z in c(1. 1. An object A of c(1 is C&-projective if and only if it is C&-projective and Hn (A) = 0 for all n € Z.

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