New PDF release: Alliances (Stargate: SG-1, Book 8)

By Karen Miller

ISBN-10: 1905586000

ISBN-13: 9781905586004

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When Jacob Carter asks basic Hammond for SG-1's participation in a undertaking for the Tok'ra, it sort of feels just like the resolution to O'Neill's challenge. The secretive Tok'ra are working out of hosts, and Jacob believes he's chanced on the answer-but it potential O'Neill and his group needs to possibility their lives infiltrating a Goa'uld slave breeding farm to recruit people prepared to affix the Tok'ra.

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Only Chang knew whether the ship had enough propellant to reach a stable orbit; and even if it did, Captain Laplace thought gloomily, the lunatic with the gun might order him down again. Though he did not for a minute believe that she really was a lunatic; she knew exactly what she was doing. Suddenly, there was a change in thrust. 'Number Four motor's just cut,' said an engineering officer. 'I'm not surprised – probably overheated. ' There was, of course, no sense of any directional change – the reduced thrust was still along the ship's axis – but the views on the monitor screens had tilted crazily.

Space crews were, on the whole, a highly responsible body of men; but long missions could be boring, and there were tedium-relieving chemicals which – though perfectly legal on Earth – should be discouraged off it. When Second Officer Chris Floyd reported his suspicions, the Captain assumed that the ship's chromatographic 'sniffer' had detected another cache of the high-grade opium which his largely Chinese crew occasionally patronized. This time, however, the matter was serious – very serious.

He had not seen a single horizontal area larger than a tennis court -and the red line on the propellant gauge was only thirty seconds away. But there, at last, was a smooth surface – much the flattest he'd seen – it was his only chance within the time frame. Delicately, he juggled the giant, unstable cylinder he was controlling towards the patch of horizontal ground – it seemed to be snow-covered – yes, it was – the blast was blowing the snow away – but what's underneath? – looks like ice – must be a frozen lake – how thick?

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