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4. 2 research of induction generator impression: frequency scanning strategy eighty three four. three research of torsional interaction(TI) 87 four. four kingdom equations and eigenvalue research ninety six four. five An set of rules for computing torsional modes 108 four. 6 Countermeasures for SSR III four. 7 Torsional oscillations in parallel attached turbine turbines a hundred and twenty 121 five. INTERACTIONS WITH energy approach STABILIZER five. 1 advent 121 five. 2 easy inspiration within the software of PSS 122 five. three layout of PSS 126 five. four Torsional interplay with PSS one hundred thirty five. five A case research 132 6. INTERACTIONS WITH HVDC CONVERTER regulate 137 6. 1 advent 137 6. 2 HVDC converters and keep watch over 138 6. three Modelling of HVDC approach for research of torsional interactions 147 6. four research of torsional interactions -A simplified method 153 6. five A case examine 156 6. 6 A simplified damping torque research 161 6. 7 keep watch over of torsional interplay 167 7. INTERACTIONS WITH SHUNT COMPENSATORS 169 7. 1 advent 169 7. 2 Static Var Compensator 171 7 . three Torsional Interactions with SVC 186 7. four Static Condenser(STATCON) 189 7. five Torsional interactions with STATCON 196 7. 6 A simplified research of torsional interplay with voltage controller two hundred eight. INTERACTIONS WITH sequence COMPENSATORS 205 eight. 1 advent 205 eight. 2 Thyristor managed sequence Compensator 206 eight. three Modelling of TCSC for SSR reports 216 eight. four Mitigation of SSR with TCSC 223 eight. five Static Synchronous sequence Compensator (SSSC) 229 8.

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3 An alternative approach Consider a set of 'n' coupled coils. 57) Eq. /Jk where Lkj = ~ Lkj L . /JjB in per unit mutual inductances require IjB hB 'PkB 'PjB . -:;:- = -:;:- for all J and k which implies same base power for all the coils. It is assumed that the base frequency is same for all the coils. /. / tj IB ). The base current and flux in coil are defined as IB and 'lj;B dropping the subscript 1. 59) suggests the possibility of first referring the quantities to coil 1 using turns ratio (if specified) and then expressing them in per unit with respect to the base quantities defined for coil 1.

Remarks 1. The modal inertias from the above procedure are same as that defined from circuit parameters. 2. Several publications do not stress the importance of unique choice of [Q] matrix for the determination of modal inertias. 133) is same for all the modes (that is each modal inertia is acted upon by the same (electrical) torque resulting from the generator interaction with the external electrical network). 3. It can be shown that [Q] is also the matrix of eigenvectors of the matrix [M]-l[I<].

The d-axis equivalent circuit shown here is made up of resistor (R) and capacitor (C) elements rather than inductance(L) and R elements. 68) represents a single port network (q-axis equivalent circuit) 37 MODELLING OF TURBINE GENERATOR shown in Fig. 5. 4. The presence of armature leakage reactance in d and q-axis eqiuvalent circuits shown in Fig. 5 has no real significance in deriving the final equations if saturation is neglected. A common approximation is to assume that only Xad and Xaq are affected by saturation.

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